Friday, 30 December 2016

Download Reliance Jio APK

Friends hope you have taken connection of Reliance Jio. Which is providing 4G internet service. 4G internet of Reliance Jio is the revolution for Indian. But now there is good news for all Reliance Jio 4G internet user. That Reliance to going to provide free internet service till 31 March 2017.

If you have taken connection of Reliance Jio 4G internet then your internet working can be closed after 31 Dec 2016. So to continue your Reliance Jio 4G internet in free you have download a free APK. Which link is below given?

Click Here For Free Download Reliance Jio APK

By doing download of Reliance Jio 4G APK you will be able to view internet connection in free till 31 March 2017. So start doing download this link. So that you can enjoy internet connection without any problem. Also put your comment in below box.

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Sunday, 25 December 2016

How To Insert Image Between Blogger Post

Friends in our last article we have mention that why we should use image between posts in blogging. As image are playing massive role in blogging. So now today we are here to tell you that how you can add the images between the blogger post. This is a very important tutorial.

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So there are only few steps. Which you need to follow to create image between your blogger posts. These steps will take only few minutes. But this will make u a perfect blogger. So now we are here to share the detail. Now start the step of adding image in between blogger post.

(A) Open
(B) Click on Posts.
(C) Click on New Post.

(A) Select the location where you will put the images.
(B) Click on the icon as per below given picture.

Step-3 Click on choose file.

Step-4 Click on add selected

(A) You can select image as per your choice of alignment.
(B) Select your desire image size.
(C) Click on OK

Step-6 Click on publish.

Step-7 View your blogger post you will see the image which you have selected.

Hope you have enjoyed this article. This is very easy. Also if you have any question to say in this topic please comment in below box.
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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Why To Insert Image Between Blogging Post

Today we are here to talk about an important topic of SEO and quality of content. Which is about the images which you add between your article and posts? So adding image in content are very important. Today we are here to tell about the benefit of adding image between post and content.

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Friends many times we have seen that people judge the article after seeing that image which you have used in article. So if you are using any image in article make sure that should be very relevant of article. This is also providing a good base to article. By this way your visitor will understand your article in a very good way. We will understand this thing by an example.

Suppose you have written an article on food. But you have posted image of a Cat then some people will come by searching food key word. But when they will see picture of Cat they will go back. If someone take interest in article might be they start reading but they will come to know that you have used another image it means you are not serious about the Blogging.

So image is a content which play a massive role. This cannot be ignoring if you are going to ignore that you are going to kill SEO and Blogging. Always use some good picture in article. This is also brought some more visitors on your website.

This also happen that many time people not read any article but only watching the image of article they guess about the entire post or article. So you must add image in all articles. It is a prove that if you are adding images then you are a good blogger.

By adding any image in blogger you must take care of two things.
(1) Do Not Add Too Many Images
I have seen that sometime people add too many images in article where important written content hide due to too many image. So use image in post as per there requirement only.

Click Here To Read Golden Tips Of SEO

(2) Do Not Put Irrelevant Images
This is also observe that people do not focus on the right image if you are writing an article on mobile then must put image which is related to mobile. Do not put image which is related to other than mobile.

So you need to take care of these 2 things by using any image in your blogging. Also image can increase your website worth. So start using images in blogging. Also put your comment in below box.
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Friday, 23 December 2016

What Is HTML Coding? What Are The Benefit Of HTML Coding?

How To Use HTML Codding How To Create Perfect HTML Coding
Friends today we are here to talk about the HTML coding in blogger and there benefit. Many time people ask that what is HTML coding in blogging and how to use the HTML code. When I was a new blogger I was also confused about the HTML coding. But now I feel that this is a very easy tutorial.

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Before going in detail I would love to say that HTML is one of the useful tutorials. This help to get more links between posts which provide you a lot of benefit. So now here we are talking about in detail of HTML coding.

What Is Full Form Of HTML?
HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.

What Is HTML Coding?
HTML coding is basically converting text into hyper link. For example if I have a link of which is a simple text link. But after making it in HTML link you will see that when you click on link you reach on the website

How HTML Coding Is Useful In Blogging
This is also true that HTML coding provide too many benefits in blogging. Here we are going to discuss some benefit of HTML coding. So that you can know the value of HTML coding.

(1) HTML Code Increase Website Average Time
We have notice that if you are putting any link of HTML on your website or blog it will redirect to another link. Now this way you will get a good average time for your website. People will start reading your more articles.

(2) HTML Code Help To Get More Visitor
When someone come at your website and if he will see that you have a perfect HTML link then might be possible that visitor will come again. So coming again and again visitor will increase on your web pages.

(3) HTML Code Increase Website Ranking
If you have a better average time and visitor coming again and again the automatically your website raking will increase. So you can increase website ranking by using HTML coding. Also good HTML work will make you a good blogger.

Click Here To Read Golden Tips Of SEO

Friends there is one negative point for using HTML coding which is if you use HTML coding too many in any post or article it would not help you much. Also possible that using too much links in HTML coding you can loss the above mention things. So only use maximum 2-3 HTML coding links per page.

Now hope you have understand that why HTML coding is important in blogging. So just use the HTML coding. Also put your comment on HTML coding link in below given box.
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Guru Of Movie


Also Read How To Submit URL Links

About Guru Of Movie
Guru Of Movie is a entertainment portal which was started on 14 Aug 2013. But letter in a new look we have modified Guru Of Movie on 6 Jun 2016. The founder of this blog has a rich experience of working in MNC Company. After work too many years he put his interest article on this blog. Within 24 months he starts getting nice response.

This is a blog which is completely dedicated about Movies, Celebrities, Tv Serial, Songs, and there News. Basically we have divided our blog in seven different categories. Those are Movie, Actress, Actor, Tv Serial, Songs, News. We provide various update by these category. We also put this Friday coming movies, next Friday coming movies related update on our main page. So user can find useful information easily. Guru Of Movie try to make this blog user friendly.

Guru Of Movie also always want to know that what his fans think about his article so we have also added a comment button in our each article. So use can comment there view. Also you can share our article with your social page.

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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

What Is Blogger Custom Permalink? Benefit Of Blogger Custom Permalink

Why To Use Blogger Custom Permalink Benefit In Blogger Blog
Friends I have notice many time that perfect URL link create a lot of good things for you in blogging. Here we are talking about the basic of blogger permalink URL. Blogger permalink URL is one of the useful things which all the blogger should use. The right use of blogger permalink URL will give you lot of benefit.

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There might be a lot of question from many people that what is blogger permalink URL? How blogger permalink URL work for blogger platform. How to use blogger permalink URL for healthy blog. So today we are here to clear all the doubt of you.

What Is Blogger Permalink URL?
Blogger permalink URL use to stop word control in the blogger post URL. You can short the URL link by using Blogger Permalink URL. For example if you have a URL as per below.

You can change it to

This all can be done by using Blogger Permalink URL

By doing this you will get a lot of benefit. So here we are sharing some benefit of Blogger Permalink URL. You can go into the benefit of Blogger Permalink URL use.

Click To Read How To Change Blogger Post URL By Using Custom Permalink

(1) Your URL would be short and you will get a small URL link which is easy to understand for everyone.
(2) Short URL link always help a good SEO and search engine too.
(3) By using Blogger Permalink URL you prove that you have a good knowledge of blogging and SEO.
(4) Blogger Permalink URL provides a URL as per your choice.

So these are the basic the benefit of using blogger permalink URL. Hope you have enjoyed this if you have anything to say please comment in below box. We are waiting for your response on Blogger Permalink URL.
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How I Can Check Duplicate Content On My Website

How To Check Duplicate Content Copy Content Checker
In our last article we have discussed in detail about the copy content and duplicate content. Now we are here to learn how you can check duplicate content if there is on your blog or website. Some people might be thinking that they have never used copy material then how there blog having copy material.

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Friends this happen due to the some word match to other website words. This can be happen. For example if I am writing any article on “WWE” then I will use the word “WWF” many time. Also if some other one is also writing something on “WWW” then he will also use to the same word many time. So you must work to reduce the copy content too.

So to reduce the copy content first you need to check the copy content which is very easy. Here we have brought a three step tips for you.

Step 1 - Open then type your website link in the given option. Then click on “Go” button.

Step 2 - Now you can see a link where you will see “Duplicate Content” click on that link. This should not be more than 25%.

Step 3 - Now you will be able to see the entire article and there found duplicate content detail. You can see that which article is showing duplicate content. You can also check the match%. There is too many option which you can see in this article.

So this is the easiest way to find the copy or duplicate content on your blog or website. Hope you have enjoyed this way. Also exchange the matched keyword with other words. This will help you make you more quality blogger. So now we are waiting for your comment in below box.
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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Google Mobile, Rate, Features, Specification, Launching

Hi friends today we have bring a news which might be you are waiting from long time. Here we are talking about the Google Mobile. Yes friends Google Mobile has been launched. So now talking about the Google Phone. This phone is also known as Google Pixel Phone.

Basically Google Mobile is average 5.5 Inch mobile. Which is very comfortable with too many new features? In many countries people are waiting that when Google Mobile will come. This is also somewhere seen that Google phone are cheaper than Apple.

This was news that in 2007 Google was planning to launch his mobile phone. But now is has been launched. There are a too many new features in the Google Phone. Google Voice is very clear from this phone. Google Voice Call charge is also very low. This time we have got some more news about the Google Mobile. So now have look on some Google Phone model.

Google Mobile Model
Google Pixel XL (128 GB)
Google Pixel (128 GB)
Google Pixel
Google Pixel XL
Google Nexus 5X (32 GB)
Google Nexus 6P (64 GB)
Google Pixel C
Google Nexus 6P
Google Nexus 5X
Google Nexus 4

Read Feature Of Each Phone And Buy Google Phone

We have notice that people are asking more about the Google Nexus. It also seems that among these Google Nexus is the best model. Now have some special features of Google Mobile.

Some Special Specification
(1) Google Mobile is the first phone which is launched by Google himself.
(2) Google Mobile battery that charge 7 hours just in 15 minutes.
(3) Google Mobile is the highest rated mobile between cameras mobile.
(4) Google Mobile look is also great.
(5) Google Mobile has a good storage for photos and video.
(6) Google Mobile has 4K HD clarity.
(7) Google Mobile support GSM/WCDMA/LTE network.
(8) Google Mobile is ready for 2G,3G,4G.

Hope you have enjoyed this article of Google Mobile. Now people waiting for the Google Mobile. We have also notice that some people started to Google Voice Phone service centre too. View this video to know more about the Google Mobile Phone.

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Monday, 19 December 2016

Change Blogger Post URL By Using Custom Permalink

Create Customer URL For Particular Blogger Post With Custom URL
Friends many times it has been observe that link of URL matter a lot in search engine. So people want to take the custom URL of their blogger post. This is very important too. Changing blogger post URL can give you better result in search engine. Today we will learn how to use blogger customer URL for post.

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This is known as permalink URL too. So to change in blogger permalink URL you need to take some easy step. This is very easy too. There would be a three step process which can change your URL of blogger post easily. By doing this your Blogger post URL would really make a massive response for you.

Step 1
(A) Open
(B) Click On New Post

Step 2
(1) In the right hand side of your blogger post see a link which name is permalink.
(2) You will see you’re by default blogger URL there.
(3) You will see that there is dot mark on “Automatic Permalink”.

Step 3
(A) Click on Custom Permalink.
(B) Select your URL as per your choice.
(C) Click on done.

Click To Read How To Create SEO Optimize Blogger Title

Note-This is also a big question that does Blogger Permalink URL can be change after publish the blog. So friend we would like to tell you that Blogger Permalink URL cannot be modify after the publishing of blog. So be careful before doing selection of Blogger Permalink URL.

Now you can check the blogger post URL which you have updated in the Custom Permalink. So changing Custom Permalink URL is very easy. Hope you will try this now. Also put your views in the below box.
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Sunday, 18 December 2016

New Delhi Girl Open Her Cloth To Get Money From Bank

Name Of Girl Who Open Her Cloth In Bank Between Public
Hope you all are aware that in India Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes are going to close. Also government order to all citizen to submit their old notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 in Bank. So we have seen that there is too much crown in front of all Indian Bank in India.

Also people are getting too much crowd at ATM and Bank too. So there is a huge problem coming to do daily work as people have to adjust in low amount daily. Also ATM can give amount of 2500 Rs per day to each one. So now issue coming a lot.

Now we are here to tell you that how much people are frustrated after Rs 500 and Rs 1000 ban. On 14 Nov 2016 a girl from Delhi Mayur Vihar Phase 3Delhi. Who should be approx 23 years old? Who was waiting in front of Bank? She get too much frustrated due to spending a long time in queue. After this she started to open her cloth in the public.

When she start opening her cloth in public. Then people who were nearby her she handle her. After this people given her priority on in the Bank. Within 10 minutes of her this shameful activity she got currency. But this was shameful. Once we people want to remove corruption but when Government ask people for support that normal get frustrated. So people should support to Government. This is also news that she was a transgender.

After this incident we have notice that people are also asking for the real name of the girl who open her cloth in front of Bank in New Delhi. Also people wanted to see real picture of the girl who open her cloth in front of Bank in Delhi. So girl open cloth in Bank in Delhi becomes viral news on web pages too.

This incident is really shameful also might be possible that girl did this due to she want to get some popularity. Still we have not get any valid reason why girl open her cloth at Delhi ATM in public. Friends please keep patience on ATM or in Bank. It’s a short time problem and very soon everything would be normal.

Watch This Video To View Real Picture Of Delhi Girl

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