Monday, 21 November 2016

How To Create HTML Coding ?

Tips To Create HTML Coding How To Make Create HTML Coding
Friends when I started Blogging I was very new and got too much issue due to now having knowledge of HTML coding. We are not talking here to the master of HTML coding. But we are here to talk about HTML basics. HTML tutorial and HTML programming is also important in Blogging.

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So now here we are going to teach that how you can make a HTML code for basis use. So code webpage making a very easy task. If you have simple HTML code then your blog get nice look. As per us HTML for a website is also keep very importance. So to create any HTML link you need to follow these 5 basis step.

Step 1
Take any links which you want to make HTML. I am taking a blog URL Here I am taking now If I want to make this link as HTML then I need to follow a formula which is <a href="acb">acb</a>

Step 2
Replace first "abc" with your link supposes your link was so put in your first "abc" colom.

Step 3
Now put the target name in place of "abc" suppose you want to see 24 Hours Seo then put 24 Hours Seo in place of next "abc".

Step 4
Now your links would be like link 24 Hours Seo

Step 5
Now you will be see 24 Hours Seo but when you will click on 24 Hours Seo You will get a new link. Which will target to

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