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What Is SEO And How SEO Work For Web Pages

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Friends when someone starts blogging on any blog or website then they must think for high traffic. So today we are here to talk about on this point. By thinking for a high traffic on website or blog one word always comes which is known as “SEO”. So now today we will discuss some basis of SEO.

What Is SEO?
Friends basically stand for "Search Engine Optimization". It is a process to get the traffic on blog or website. By SEO you will get organic traffic. When someone searches you on search engine then there are too many result shows. If you have done good SEO work then your link would also show in search engine this is the basis way to understand definition of SEO.

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There are too many search optimization companies which are doing SEO work to support the entire blogger and website owner. For online small business search engine optimization is very necessary. If you will not get good traffic then you cannot think to increase website user and also business too. Some people use local search engine optimization company, some people hire other countries SEO company for SEO.

How SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Works ?
For example if you will type any word on search engine then search engine will provide you too many result. But search engine will prefer first to whose website or blog whom SEO work will match with content. So this is very important to create a good type of SEO work.

So for example if I will type “How To Get Tariff” on Google Search Engine then there would be too many pages link will come. All the pages will show response for “How To Get Tariff”. But if you will see some link which might be not related to “How To Get Tariff”. The link which is open with “How To Get Tariff” keyword and not related to How To Get Tariff. That is a sign of poor SEO.

Now in the upper given picture there is 3 point which I have notice.
(1) You can see the typed and searched keyword “How To Get Tariff”.
(2) You can see the URL page also you can note that this is a paid page. In the starting of link you can see there is a word “AD” which shows that this link or article is associate with Google. So Google provide first preference to this.
(3) In the third links you will see the link page which has a strong command on the given How To Get Tariff word. So this happens due to good SEO works.

So to become a search engine optimization expert you need to follow some rules. You can also be a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert himself due to using some simple tips and basic rules. SEO Company also uses some simple tips. But you want to get some traffic without knowing the knowledge of SEO then you need to contact to SEO consultant. You can use SEO marketing.

Better SEO will increase your website ranking as well website business too. So there are too many SEO expert are always to help you. Also some website provide also great tip of SEO. If you want to get high traffic you must follow SEO rule. Also there is no shortcut for success in blogging. You have to do hard work as well as smart work too.

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So there is basically 5 main things which you need to focus to get huge traffic. Which almost 95% SEO expert use. Now if you will follow these tips you can also get a huge traffic. For this you no need to go anywhere. You can himself use this tips. We have made category for these entire golden rule which is below given.

(1) Use Social Pages
(2) Some Common Mistake
(3) Tips For Better SEO
(4) Use YouTube To Get Better Traffic
(5) URL Submission

I have notice 95% blogger goes fail due to not having knowledge of proper SEO and Blogging. Because after watching the success of anyone many people think that if someone become popular due to making a website then I will also create and become popular but friends basis rule of SEO is also necessary.

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So getting traffic is all about your work of SEO. Which depend that how much you given quality time for your website? Top search engine put better result after using upper given 5 golden tips. So now hope you have known the definition of SEO and how SEO work for website or blog. Also put your comment in below comment box.

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