Monday, 19 December 2016

Change Blogger Post URL By Using Custom Permalink

Create Customer URL For Particular Blogger Post With Custom URL
Friends many times it has been observe that link of URL matter a lot in search engine. So people want to take the custom URL of their blogger post. This is very important too. Changing blogger post URL can give you better result in search engine. Today we will learn how to use blogger customer URL for post.

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This is known as permalink URL too. So to change in blogger permalink URL you need to take some easy step. This is very easy too. There would be a three step process which can change your URL of blogger post easily. By doing this your Blogger post URL would really make a massive response for you.

Step 1
(A) Open
(B) Click On New Post

Step 2
(1) In the right hand side of your blogger post see a link which name is permalink.
(2) You will see you’re by default blogger URL there.
(3) You will see that there is dot mark on “Automatic Permalink”.

Step 3
(A) Click on Custom Permalink.
(B) Select your URL as per your choice.
(C) Click on done.

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Note-This is also a big question that does Blogger Permalink URL can be change after publish the blog. So friend we would like to tell you that Blogger Permalink URL cannot be modify after the publishing of blog. So be careful before doing selection of Blogger Permalink URL.

Now you can check the blogger post URL which you have updated in the Custom Permalink. So changing Custom Permalink URL is very easy. Hope you will try this now. Also put your views in the below box.

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