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Duplicate Copy Content Kill Your Website How To Find Duplicate Content How To Take Action Against Duplicate Content Why Not To Use Duplicate Copy Content

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Friends whenever someone starts anything then have to face a lot of common problem. Same also apply on blogging. Today we are to talk about a very important topic. Which is about the content of your website? Many people think that putting content is just a copy and paste from other website or blog. But this is wrong.

Today this article is dedicated for the content of any blog and website. Many times I have notice that many people do just copy and paste there content from another website or blog but this is not good for the website and blog health. So doing copy any content is not legal.

Some people also ask that why not to copy content from another website. So friends this is very simple if you are adding content from any website it means you are doing not a good blogger and web page manager. This is also harm to the web page. Even I will not be happy if someone use my work on any other web page.

What Is the Duplicate Content?
If someone uses any web page content to another page it is knows as duplicate content. So doing copy from content from any web page will harm your web page.

Why People Use Duplicate Content?
We has notice that when some new Blogger start their journey without knowledge of any particular subject. Then after some time Blogger feel that he is not able to manage the article content in those circumstance he try help of another website by doing copy content. So after doing this Blogger himself get trouble. So friends after creating these kind of content no website can get traffic or quality visitors. Might be possible that for the sometime this trick will work but for the long time this not work. So do not make this mistake. Now we have also notice the 2 major losses by using duplicate content.

How Copy Material Hard To SEO Ranking?
If you copy any content from any website then this would not show in search engine result. As many people have wrong imagination that copy content make their blog or web page strong. But this is not true. You will loss you website growth.

How Coping Content Kill Website Traffic?
This is very true that copy content harm to all website. Once if you are started to doing copy any content. It means you would not be a long time good web pages owner. So there are 3 major things which will kill your website if you use copy content.

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(1) Copy Content Show Poor Search Engine Result
Many people think that if someone will use copy content then search result will so a good response but this is wrong. Search engine never show good result for any copy content. If search engine found any copy content then search engine might be not help you to provide link. As the entire search engine never support copy content. As copy content automatic marked in search engine as duplicate content.

(2) Copy Content Show Poor Ability Of Blogger
If someone use copy content. Then it shows that web page owner does not have a good knowledge of any topic which he is writing. Also sometime it also seen that web page writer does not know more about the content which he wrote. This only happen if someone using duplicate copy content.

(3) Copy Content Never Increase Your Knowledge
This is seen that if you are doing copy and paste content. Then you will never increase your knowledge for the blogging. If you will not have knowledge about your own content then you cannot provide service to your visitors.

Aside of this if you are doing work on your content you will really get a good response. As there might be too many things which you will learn if you use your own content. The big thing is if you put and write your content yourself then you will increase your knowledge. This would be very helpful for you. Also there would be high success rate seen in the blog which was created without duplicate copy content.

How To Keep Distance From Duplicate Content?
You have aware that by putting duplicate content you are killing your web page. So now friends you might be also thinking that how you could avoid from these things. How could you save your web page from copy? So this is not a big task to do. This is very simple you just need to take care of few points. As Guru Of Tips always try to make you a perfect SEO and Blogger. So there are basically 4 golden tips by using that you can save your article or web page by copyrights. You have to keep these 4 things in your might before writing.

(1) Select A Proper Web Page
Friends this is the start of any Blogger. So when you are doing start of any Blog or Web page make sure that you have sufficient knowledge about that content. We have notice that people take web page name by watching someone else. Do not do this. Please think a lot on your web page name and if you have capability to write on any subject then start web page with that name. If you are good in sport just start a sport related web page. Do not start a movie related web page. Only reason was your friend having movie related web page and he is very successful in movie web page. This would be very useful and this would help you to save from duplicate content.

(2) Take Time For Each Article
This happened when you start Blogging and you start putting article very fast. Some people put too many articles and when they do not have anything to write they start copy of content. So friends if you are putting any article then take a proper time for that do not run any article in hurry. Guru Of Tips himself takes 2-3 days to write each article. So when you take too much time in thinking you can create your imagination you no need to focus on copy.

(3) Think Before Write
This tool is very much helpful. We know that every good Blogger think a lot on any subject before writing. Your thinking and imagination make a lot of sense. If you have putted any article by your imagination then you will feel very good while uploading your article. This will also increase your confidence in Blogging. By doing this you can be a professional Blogger.

(4) Create Your Own Content
This is the golden rule to avoid duplicate content. Do not take any help of any web page just create article on your experience. What you have felt just write down. If you are putting article on your experience that it means that you have said good bye to duplicate content.

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How To Check Duplicate Content?
There is a very simple way to check duplicate content. You can easily check that does someone is using your content or not? You no need to buy any tool or any package to check duplicate or copy content. There is two step process to check does anyone using your content or not?

(1) Copy Your Any Content And Search On Search Engine
Friends this is a very easy step. Now to check does your page content is going to use on another page or not? Just copy some content and put on the search engine.

(2) Search The Result Of Search Engine
Now after putting content you will see some pages which will be relevant to your content so now need to check all web page does this match to your website content or not? If it does match then it means someone is using your content.

What To DO If Someone Using Your Content On Other Web Pages
If you found that someone using your content. Then this is not legal. You can take too many actions against the person who is using duplicate content. Here we are sharing some small way that how you should treat with the people who use duplicate content. Basically we have noted 3 things which you can do if you found any duplicate content on other website from your website.

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(1) Send A Mail To Inform Duplicate Content Web Page Admin
If you found that someone is using your web page content then first time you can send him E-Mail and just inform his that you are tracing this thing and do not copy any content from my web page. This will help him to know that you are not doing Blogging with closed eyes. So you can send this request to another web page admin or owner by mail.

(2) You Can Take Legal Action
Friends if you have sent mail to the duplicate content web page admin or owner and he is not stopping his activity then on the second level you can take a legal action against him. To doing duplicate content from one web page to another is like to stealing something. So do not shy take action against him.

(3) Inform About That Web Page In Circle
Friends if you are a Blogger and doing very serious SEO and Blogger and also trying to find duplicate content. It means that you have a very good online circle. SO if you get any this kind of website or blog just inform to your all online circle that which page is doing this activity. This would help you a lot to find that victim.

Now we have to see that we must not copy any content. Also we should not support if someone using our content. This is not legal. Hope in the entire post you have learned why you should not use duplicate content. How you can find duplicate content. Also what action you should take against the copy content.

These are all the necessary things which you need to keep in your mind when you start blogging. So do not worry just do good thing and use quality content. If you have anything to say please comment in below box.

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