Saturday, 3 December 2016

How To Add Label In Blogger Blog

How To Add Label In Blogging Of A Blog With Label
Friends in our last article we have told that what the benefit of label in blogging. So now today we are here to move one more step ahead. Which is about how to put label in blog of blogger? So all the people who use blogger as blogging platform please see the step.

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Making label in blogger blog takes only few minutes. But it gives a lot of benefit. So friends if you are wishing your career as blogger blog then please follow this step to ad label in your blogger post. This is a 5 step process only.

Step 1
(A) Open
(B) Click on "New Post".

Step 2
(A) In your right side of blog post you will see Label Link.
(B) Submit label name as per your choice.
(C) Click on publish.

Step 3-By doing step 3 you have added label in blog. But now you need to know how to use check detail of Label so now.
(A) See the marked label name in post title. Also Read Create SEO Optimize Blogger Title
(B) Click on view.

Step 4-Now in the end of the post you will see the label which you have marked in article. Click on label name.

Step 5
(A) You can see the URL of Label marked article.
(B) After click on label marked URL you will be able to see all the article or post which is related to same label.

Note-You Can Also Add Or Modify The Blog Label Of All Post. If You Have Putted Any Wrong Label Then You Need To Read This Link.

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Hope after reading this you will also add a label in your blogger blog. Also this was a very basis and useful thing for all blogger. But it will give you a huge benefit in blogging. You can become an owner of a good traffic on website just using good label. Also put your comment in below box.

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