Saturday, 3 December 2016

How To Create A YouTube Channel

How To Make A YouTube Channel Create A YouTube Channel
Friends today we are here to learn a very important thing. Hope all of you are aware about YouTube. YouTube is the one of the most popular website of this world. Where we watch online video in free. Now we will teach you how you can create YouTube Account.

There is only 5 easy steps which you need to follow to create a YouTube Account. But make sure that before making YouTube account you must have an account on Gmail. If you do not have any Gmail account then please click on below link to create a free Gmail account.

Click Here To Learn How To Create A Gmail Account On Gmail?

Step 1
(A) Open
(B) Click on sign in option.

Step 2-Login with your Gmail account.

Step 3-Click on creator studio.

Step 4-Now you need to click on "Create A Channel".

Step 5
(A) Type your channels first name which you wanted to keep.
(B) Type your channels second name.
(C) Click on "Create Channel".

Now you have successful created your channels. This all the process take only 2-5 minutes. But by doing this you will get a very good identity in the digital world.

So now hope you have clear your question how to start a YouTube channel. You can also use YouTube to create a YouTube business account. Now you can make a YouTube channel. Also we are waiting for your response on this article so please comment in below box.

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