Sunday, 25 December 2016

How To Insert Image Between Blogger Post

Friends in our last article we have mention that why we should use image between posts in blogging. As image are playing massive role in blogging. So now today we are here to tell you that how you can add the images between the blogger post. This is a very important tutorial.

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So there are only few steps. Which you need to follow to create image between your blogger posts. These steps will take only few minutes. But this will make u a perfect blogger. So now we are here to share the detail. Now start the step of adding image in between blogger post.

(A) Open
(B) Click on Posts.
(C) Click on New Post.

(A) Select the location where you will put the images.
(B) Click on the icon as per below given picture.

Step-3 Click on choose file.

Step-4 Click on add selected

(A) You can select image as per your choice of alignment.
(B) Select your desire image size.
(C) Click on OK

Step-6 Click on publish.

Step-7 View your blogger post you will see the image which you have selected.

Hope you have enjoyed this article. This is very easy. Also if you have any question to say in this topic please comment in below box.

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