Wednesday, 7 December 2016

How To Remove Label Tag From Blogger Blog Or How To Change Blogger Blog Label Tag

Tag In Blogger Blog Label Tag In Blogger
Friends in our last article we have told how to make label in blogger blog. Now today we are here to teach you that how can you remove any label from any blogger blog. As this is also necessary as many people use wrong label in blogger. But letter they want to change the same.

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So now this is also important that you must know that how you can remove the label from blogger blog. As this time it is easy to remove label tag from blogger blog. You can also change the blogger label. It’s takes only few seconds. So not learn the step here.

How To Remove Label From Blogger Blog.

Step 1
(A) Click on posts.
(B) Click on all.
(C) Select any post which label you want to change or remove.

Step 2
(A) Click on label.
(B) Remove old Label.
(C) If you want to put new label then please put.
(D) Click on save.

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Now same has been done your posts label has been changed and now it will look like this.

Hope very soon you will use this tips for your blogger blog. Also this is very important to change label if you have done any mistake. Also put your comment in below box.

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