Thursday, 15 December 2016

How To Use Facebook Without Internet On Mobile

How To Use Facebook In Free Facebook Without Internet Connection
Friends no need to tell that what is the important of Facebook in our life. Facebook is one of the most popular social pages for all of us. Some people start there morning with Facebook. There are too many way to use the Facebook. Some people wanted to know how to use Facebook from many ways.

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We have also notice that many people wanted to use Facebook in free or Facebook without internet. This seems not possible but friends this is possible. You can use Facebook in free without internet connection. This is only a three step trick. So now let’s learn to use Facebook without internet connection.

So These Simple Step Are
(1) You Need To Press *325# Or *fbk#
(2) Now You Will Get Confirmation SMS.
(3) After Confirmation SMS You Need To Type Your User Id And Password.

Enjoy Your Facebook Without Internet.

Note-This Service Is Only Available In Selected Service Provider. This Service Only Available By Mobile.

This will help to save your money which you wasting on internet for Facebook use. This tool helps you a lot. Now you no need to be connecting with internet for Facebook. This is very easy to update. But this gives a lot of benefit to all of us. Do not forget to put your comment in below box.

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