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Important Part Of Any Blog Post Which Create A Viral Traffic On Web Pages

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To create a good article for any blog post this is very important that we must focus on the all part of article. Here today we are going to share a very important topic about the post. You have seen that your post or article made of lot of words. This is sure that all the words which you write play a important role to get traffic from all places.

Now today we are here to talking about the body part of any post. We have notice that many people start Blogging in a very confidante way and left the Blogging due to not having knowledge of a perfect article skill. So friends today we are here to talk about the perfect article. A perfect article is who have a proper body material.

In the starting days of my Blogging I got too much confused due to I was not had any experience that how I should write the body of blog post. But letter I come to know a lot of things which I am here to share. I perfect article a mix of a lot of content. Today we will talk about the body part of any blogger blog post.

What Are The Part Of Any Blog Post?
Basically it is divided into three parts. These three parts are starting body/middle body/finishing body. I have seen many blog which guide a lot of about the blogging tips and SEO tips but no one share the biggest secret of the blogging and SEO. Which is about the post body? As all visitor love to read a perfect article which can be helpful for the reader. Now have a look of the all part of post.

Part No 1 - Starting Body
Starting body is very much important for every article of blog post. As first impression is the last impression. So this rule also applies on blogging too. In this session we have to see that our visitor get all starting information. Like they get some hint and starting story of article. Also ensure that you are not going to share anything which should be in middle or in last article of article. This part is very much important if your visitor stops reading this then they will not read entire article and your work will be waste. So always focus that how can be attract visitor for reading this first Colum. If you will see this as SEO purpose then you will find that if article not written in a proper way in starting then you must lost that visitor. So this part really very helpful for all. Once you starting doing good work on this body your visitor will start reading you carefully.

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This is also seen that if visitor not found good content in starting then they left reading. Whenever I visit on any website. If I found any article with not a good start then I stop reading. I think you did this many time. But some time we miss a good article which was in middle and last. So always do good start for any article. Do not be in hurry think and write properly. Make sure good starting can bring a good visitor on website. You can mention the good content in start which will drag the reader till end of the article.

Part No - 2 Middle Body
Middle body is also important to keep a relationship between starting and ending body. Some time people start reading from middle body. Middle body has the most valuable content. So if you are going for article writing makes sure that middle body always have some potential to force visitor to read. Mostly article run on this formula. This time you are reading the middle body of an article on Guru Of Tips. Mostly time people left article if they do not found any good content in middle.

I was reading a book I have an article. Where story was not in a proper sequence so I stop reading that story. Same this will apply in article writing. As a Blogger article is a story and Blog is like a book. If you will have a strong middle body then your visitor will read till last. Otherwise they can stop reading and they will leave Blog. Now this way you will get low average time. This will affect your ranking on Alexa.

Now hope you have understood why middle body is important. A true blogger cannot take this part as lightly. This part plays a massive roll in getting visitor. This part always brings a nice response so do some hard work on writing middle body. Mostly traffic gained due to this part of article. This part do work relation between start and end part of blog.

Part No 3 - Ending Body
Many people think that ending body is not important for all blogging articles. I asked to my friend does ending of any article is keep sense for any reader or visitor. He said yes. I asked why then he replied me with an example. Suppose you have gone to see a movie in cinema hall. Starting and middle part of movie was good, but if ending was not good. Then viewer will not promote the movie by mouth publicity. He will always say that ending of movie was not good. I did not enjoy the movie.

Other side if someone watches a good end then might be possible that visitor will also recommend the article to other. This will help to get more visitors and also this is help to make a better SEO. Also if any visitor is reading you till end it means visitor really liked your article. If your end part would be good then visitor will recommend to other. By this way you can make a great traffic.

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So all parts keep some sense in articles, we must do a good ending of any article. If we will put good ending people will love to come again on website. We can also add some backlines in ending so we can divert visitor on another article. I always focus too much in the ending of any article. Good ending always provide a good response and visitor come again to read article. Otherwise bad ending always make destroy of traffic. So do not ignore the ending part of any article. This is very much helpful for all visitors.

So now you have seen that every part of an article keep some meaning. We cannot ignore any part weather starting/middle or ending. All part plays a massive roll to gain a good traffic. So start follows the three type of body rule from today. You will get huge response in just 2 or 3 months. Also we are here to know your comment in below comment box.

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