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Jeans Which Saves From Rape Protection Gadget For Woman

Rape Protection Gadget For Woman Girl Safety Gadget For Woman
Guru Of Tips respect every woman of this world. Today we are going to tell you very important news that must read by everyone and also must need to share. This news is about to girl’s safety. As all of you know that in today time girls have to be careful in everywhere. Now they have to put attention at everywhere. We have brought good news for girls. This is about woman safety gadget. Now after reading this article girl will feel very happy and also feel safety for her future.

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Here we are talking about jeans which are made by two girls of Kashi India. Deeksha Pathak, student of Electronic Communication when told about the mechanism quickly came up with an idea of creating special jeans. With the help of her friend Anjali Srivastava, Who is a student of Computer Science?

What Is The Cost Of This Jeans Which Saves From Rape?
Many people are thinking this cost would be too much but friends this is available on very low price. This jeans rate is only 200 Rs (Around 3$). So this is very cheap too. Everyone can buy for her safety. Now girl no need to worry for sexual violence. We have also shared picture of this jeans. So this jeans can be for everyone.

How Does It Work ?
This is designed with a walkies-talkie device which is plugged inside the device. The buttons in the device will alert the police if any attempt of molestation, rape, force or kidnapping is made on the wearer of jeans. When the button is pressed the call will go directly to the police helpline number automatically based on which the police can track the scene via surveillance.

What If Network Fail ?
Imagine the accused is on to you to attack and the bloody network fails, the moment the network fails the mechanism will automatically dial 100. If the police are swift enough, based on the surveillance they can trace the location and scene. This jean can be used for 3 months.

Future Plan
Deeksha says spy cameras will be installed in this jean soon that will help capture the images and video of the accused. The video recorded of the rogue will be sent automatically in bits to the numbers are saved or pre desired. This helps the Police or relatives tracing the place and the culprit fast. As per the rate this is only in very low price so easily it can be helpful for all people.

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Anjali’s and Deeksha’s also say that I am more concerned about the women who cannot use this option for as silly reason as they can’t wear jeans. Why not put the same device in sarees? Why only jeans? May be this initial attempt may lead to more research and development of this device which will inspire technicians, who may come up after exploration with more adaptable and feasible dress and device.

According to Banaras Hindu University Professor S.K. Sharma, this device can bring a revolution and can be considered a great breakthrough in minimizing the crimes. It can be termed and may turn out to be the best device in terms of safety of woman.

This device-dress can really help woman we need to know what kind of sizes is available. How about school going girls or teen age girls? There is lot of research and trail that has to be put before it is being offered to public. Whatever that is good for society, there must be a start and this start has been initiated by these two young girls and in the backdrop one of the girl’s father. Hats off and claps to them. Also this might be the most effective gadget to save girl from rape.

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So now this is also possible that this invention will be very helpful for all girls. We also wish these two girls for her very creative invention. Might be she will get a very much success in future. So do not forget to share this article. We are also waiting for your comment in below box.

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