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Rolltop The New Revolution Of Laptop Industry Rolltop Specifications, Feature, Rate, Launch

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Friend’s day by day technology is going to be better. Now today we are here to talk about a new gadget. This gadget is related to new addition of Laptop. You have seen Mini and big size of Laptop. But now technology brings a new model and version of Laptop. Which is known as Rolltop?

What Is Rolltop?
Rolltop is basically a portable computer. Rolltop is the advance Laptop version. Rolltop is the future of Laptop. You have notice that you can fold your Laptop but in the Rolltop you can also roll your Laptop.

When Rolltop Idea Came?
Actually working on Rolltop was started in 2009. As some people wanted to see some special feature in their Laptop. So this idea was generated. In the first time in 2010 Rolltop presentation was presented on the industrial fair 2010. In 2011 working on Rolltop started.

Where To Buy Rolltop?
Friends the working on the Rolltop is going one. This time Rolltop is not for sell. But very soon you can buy Rolltop. Also might be Rolltop would be available from 2020. So you need to wait sometime for the Rolltop. This is also possible that online Rolltop purchase will make a good record.

What Is The Price Of Rolltop?
We cannot share the actual price of Rolltop but yes it would be some expensive than Laptop. So you need to wait until Rolltop not come in market for sell.

In Rolltop we have notice 6 basis feature which make Rolltop to very special. Here we are going to discuss about the special point of the Rolltop. So these 6 things will help you tell that how much Rolltop would be important and special for us.

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(1) You Can Also Write From Pen
Friends in the Rolltop will get a Pen also by which you can write. As something we have notice that we need some design which we want to draw from our hand but due to some not getting suitable tool in Laptop and Desktop we do manage with other tool. For example if you want to do your signature you can use Pen and sign in your Rolltop.

(2) It Can Stand
I love this future as sometime if you have made any thing in Laptop and you want to show that things to all then on the Laptop you have to fold the Laptop due to this some important things missed. So now no need to this. You can make stand your Rolltop and do whatever you wanted to do.

(3) Most Amazing Rolling Option
I am very happy to know that we can Roll Laptop not. It will help to save a lot of space. Also it would be very comfortable too.

(4) Loudspeaker
In the Rolltop there is a special option for loudspeakers too. You can see this option even when you have rolled it.

(5) Fix Button
The good thing in the Rolltop that when you are going to close your work then you no need to do handwork to roll the Rolltop. There is a special button for this work.

(6) Tension Free From Laptop Bag
Now in the Rolltop you no need for Laptop bag. As it’s very easy to carry. You need to Roll the all Rolltop and put in proper way. So Rolltop will make you free from Laptop bag.

So these are the basis feature of Rolltop. Which make us very smart? Now we are getting a lot of question now days that when Rolltop will come in the market. Also what would be the price of Rolltop. So friends might be possible that Rolltop would be some expensive than Laptop. Rolltop can come in market by the 2020. As there is a lot of work on the technology of Rolltop is going on.

So this is a new concept in notebook design. Now hope you will have too many more question in your mind so please comment your view in the below comment box. Also we have brought a video of Rolltop. Which will help to understand the Rolltop in better way? The modern Rolltop will definitely make you smarter.

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