Wednesday, 21 December 2016

What Is Blogger Custom Permalink? Benefit Of Blogger Custom Permalink

Why To Use Blogger Custom Permalink Benefit In Blogger Blog
Friends I have notice many time that perfect URL link create a lot of good things for you in blogging. Here we are talking about the basic of blogger permalink URL. Blogger permalink URL is one of the useful things which all the blogger should use. The right use of blogger permalink URL will give you lot of benefit.

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There might be a lot of question from many people that what is blogger permalink URL? How blogger permalink URL work for blogger platform. How to use blogger permalink URL for healthy blog. So today we are here to clear all the doubt of you.

What Is Blogger Permalink URL?
Blogger permalink URL use to stop word control in the blogger post URL. You can short the URL link by using Blogger Permalink URL. For example if you have a URL as per below.

You can change it to

This all can be done by using Blogger Permalink URL

By doing this you will get a lot of benefit. So here we are sharing some benefit of Blogger Permalink URL. You can go into the benefit of Blogger Permalink URL use.

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(1) Your URL would be short and you will get a small URL link which is easy to understand for everyone.
(2) Short URL link always help a good SEO and search engine too.
(3) By using Blogger Permalink URL you prove that you have a good knowledge of blogging and SEO.
(4) Blogger Permalink URL provides a URL as per your choice.

So these are the basic the benefit of using blogger permalink URL. Hope you have enjoyed this if you have anything to say please comment in below box. We are waiting for your response on Blogger Permalink URL.

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