Tuesday, 6 December 2016

What Is Google Adsense How Does Google Adsense Work

Google Adsense Keywords For Google Adsense Online Money Making
Friends when someone starts any blog to make money then the first word which comes in anyone mind that is Adsense. In my early days when I was not aware about blogging that time I got too much confusion about the Adsense. Basis confusion is people to understand that the entire online earning program is Adsense which is wrong. So now today we are here to talk about the Adsense.

What Is Adsense?
Google Adsense was started on 18 Jun 2003. This time Google adsense is the most popular earning program in the world. Adsense is a program which is run by the Google for the people who want to put earn from their blog and website. Google provide ad to place publisher web pages. There are various types of ads which Google provide ads which are text, image, video and many more type ads are provided by Google Adsense.

Confusion To Understand Google Adsense
Friends I have notice too many web pages owner got confuse with Google Adsense understanding. Many times I have seen that if any other company is putting service like Google Adsense then many blogger understands that this is an also a kind of Adsense. Friends other ad campaign might be look like Adsense but they are not Adsense. Adsense is only run by Google. Which is known as Google Adsense?

How Does Google Adsense Work
Friends Google Adsense works on the very clear process. They take ads from Advertiser. After this help of Publisher Google serve ads on different web pages. As per the content and keyword of WebPages Google provide ads. So Google Adwords help Google for the Adsense.

When someone put Adsense code on his web page. Then Adsense first understand that which type of web pages where someone putted ad code. After this as per the content available on web pages Google Adsense show related ad as per the content. So Google Adsnese focus to provide related ad on Publisher pages.

So this was introduction of Google Adsense now hopes you are clear that the entire program which is running to make online money are not Adsense program. Adsense is only run by Google. Also getting approval for Google Adsense is very easy but you have to follow some rule and regulation which is made by Google Adsense team.

One thing which we can sure you that if you will use Google Adsense by proper way then too much online money is waiting for you. Also we are waiting for your response on this article so write in the comment box so that we can understand your reaction on the Adsense.

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