Friday, 23 December 2016

What Is HTML Coding? What Are The Benefit Of HTML Coding?

How To Use HTML Codding How To Create Perfect HTML Coding
Friends today we are here to talk about the HTML coding in blogger and there benefit. Many time people ask that what is HTML coding in blogging and how to use the HTML code. When I was a new blogger I was also confused about the HTML coding. But now I feel that this is a very easy tutorial.

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Before going in detail I would love to say that HTML is one of the useful tutorials. This help to get more links between posts which provide you a lot of benefit. So now here we are talking about in detail of HTML coding.

What Is Full Form Of HTML?
HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.

What Is HTML Coding?
HTML coding is basically converting text into hyper link. For example if I have a link of which is a simple text link. But after making it in HTML link you will see that when you click on link you reach on the website

How HTML Coding Is Useful In Blogging
This is also true that HTML coding provide too many benefits in blogging. Here we are going to discuss some benefit of HTML coding. So that you can know the value of HTML coding.

(1) HTML Code Increase Website Average Time
We have notice that if you are putting any link of HTML on your website or blog it will redirect to another link. Now this way you will get a good average time for your website. People will start reading your more articles.

(2) HTML Code Help To Get More Visitor
When someone come at your website and if he will see that you have a perfect HTML link then might be possible that visitor will come again. So coming again and again visitor will increase on your web pages.

(3) HTML Code Increase Website Ranking
If you have a better average time and visitor coming again and again the automatically your website raking will increase. So you can increase website ranking by using HTML coding. Also good HTML work will make you a good blogger.

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Friends there is one negative point for using HTML coding which is if you use HTML coding too many in any post or article it would not help you much. Also possible that using too much links in HTML coding you can loss the above mention things. So only use maximum 2-3 HTML coding links per page.

Now hope you have understand that why HTML coding is important in blogging. So just use the HTML coding. Also put your comment on HTML coding link in below given box.

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