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What Is Label In Blogging And How Much Importance Of Label In Blogging

Label In Blogging SEO With Label Keyword Of Label
Hello friends hope you are enjoying our regular tips. Now today we have brought one more interesting topic of blogging which is related to label. So there is a massive role played by label in Blogging and SEO. Many people do ignore this which is not right. So now we will discuss on the label in blogging.

What Is Label In Blogging?
Basically label is known to categories the articles and post. Label is a simple about your category, tag and topic. So that people can easily know that on which topic you are writing. So label given a good identity to article and post. Also label is the best keywords in blogger. Label also helps for Meta tag.

How Much Important Label In Blogging?
Label is really very important in blogging. As we have notice that many people forget using label but after some time they have to suffer from a lot of problem. So using right label is very necessary. Label always make your blogging in organize way. Also by using label blog categories easily identify. So as per Guru Of Tips using label in blogging is very important.

Also we have kept something in our article that do not use irrelevant label in blogging. Always use the label which is related to your article. This is very important to use proper label. Suppose you are writing any article about movie then you must choice label which is related to movie.

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So perfect label make more traffic. Also some people think that making label in blogging is very difficult. But friends it takes only 10 second or less time. But a huge benefit you get after using proper label.

There is some rule when you use label which you need to follow to get better response. These are the three golden rule of label if you do not follow this then might be you are not doing justice with label in blogging. So let’s talk about these rules.

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Important 3 Tips Before Using Any Label
(1) Use maximum 3 labels in per article
Adding more label always confuse to search engine. So use only 3 or less label in your post. This will bring a good benefit for you. If you use more than 3 label might be you will not get good response.

(2) Less than 3 words per label
This is also necessary that you label should not be long. Long label does not support for proper search engine. I have seen many people they use very long label. I was on a blog and seen one label which was “How to Remove Sugar from Body”. This is not fair using a long label never justify the proper things.

(3) Use relevant label
This is very important you need to use relevant label. Use relevant label always make more sense. For example If I am wrong article on “SEO Tips” but if I mark label “I Phone” it will be waste for me. This will kill my SEO and Traffic too. Also some people will think that I am not perfect blogger. So using relevant label is very important.

Benefit Of Using Right Label In Blogging
(1) Proper label always make a proper category.
(2) Proper label is a sign of good blogging and SEO.
(3) Making a good label will help people more about their search and relevant articles.
(4) Proper label always help people to understand the blogging in proper way.
(5) Proper label will bring more relevant traffic.
(6) Keyword in blogging would be more better after using label.

Sometime people put wrong label. Which does not help blog. So in this condition there is good way that you should change your blogger blog label. This is also a very easy tips. You can click on below link and learn about removing label from blogger blog. Or change label from blogger blog. Click To Read Read How To Remove Label Tag From Blogger Blog Or How To Change Blogger Blog Label Tag

So hope you have known that what is label in blogging and why we should use proper label. This is very important part of blogging and SEO. So start using label. Also if you have something to say about this article please comment in below box.

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