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Whats Is Related Post Benefit Of Related Post In Blogging

Related Post Widget Benefit How TO Make Related Posts Widget
Friends many people start blogging but they do not use some basis widget. Here today we are talking about one widget which I have seen on the high traffic page. Today we are talking about related post widget. Related posts widget is one of the most amazing and useful widget in blogging which provide too many benefits. So now we have to learn about related posts widget.

What Is Related Post Widget?
Related posts widget is a thumbnail for blogging which use to add in the end of any post. Which shows the related post by the help of label tag? By this widget visitor can see that what related topic for this post are.

How To Create Related Post Widget?
There are too many way to create related post widget. But basically there are two ways which are very easy and provide useful result. So now we are sharing detail of these two type of widget. You can use any of these.

(1)Add Related Posts Widget In Blogger Blog
To adding related posts widget in blogger blog you need to do some change in HTML setting. Which is very easy? This is only for blogger based blog. Click To Learn How To Create Related Posts In Blogger Blog

(2) Add Related Posts Widget In Any Web Page
To add related posts widget in any blog or web page. You have too many options but we recommended as this provides the easy way to create related post widget for any web page. Click To Learn How To Add Related Posts For All Web Platform By Using Linkwithin

You can use any of these for blogger related posts widget. But for the other web pages you have to choice second option. This takes only few minutes in adding but provide a huge benefit for lifetime. So this is one time investment.

Benefit Of Related Posts Widget
There is many benefit to use related posts. But here we are talking about the major 6 benefit. Which we found in related post widget. Hope you will love to read these 6 benefits.

(1) Increase Visitor Average Time
This is very much true if you add related posts widget your average time of visitor will automatic increase. But ensure that you have added right kind of label for the related posts widget. When someone comes on your web pages. And if you do not have related posts widget then visitor will leave your pages after reading your article. But if you have added the related posts widget then might be chance that visitor will read some more articles on your pages. This will increase your website average time. Also Read How To Add Label In Blogger Blog

(2) Increase Page Views
This is also true if someone come at your blog then if he will see related posts widget and if someone click on any related posts widget then your pages views will automatic increase.

(3) Create A Great Look For Blog
As per me adding related posts widget also help to create a nice design for blog. It looks very nice in blog. Where ever I have seen related posts widget then I feel good and comfortable for that web page.

(4) Reduce Bounce Rate
Related posts widget also help to reduce the visitor bounce rate as due to related posts widget visitor start spending more time on your page and visitor become more friendly with your web page. So this is the goof way to reduce bounce rate too.

(5) Increase Website Raking
This is also good news that if you will use related posts in blogging then due to better average time and page views your website ranking will also increase.

(6) Useful For The SEO Purpose
The things which we have told in upper given 5 point all help to increase your SEO and visitor too. This is also true that if any visitor is spending more time on your website then there is huge chance that visitor will come back again. As we have also shared in point number 4.

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These are the basis 6 benefit to use related posts in blogging. So if you are talking for the important widget for blogging then related post widget is the most useful widgets for blogger blogging. So start doing use of related posts from today. Also put your valuable comment in below box.

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