Saturday, 24 December 2016

Why To Insert Image Between Blogging Post

Today we are here to talk about an important topic of SEO and quality of content. Which is about the images which you add between your article and posts? So adding image in content are very important. Today we are here to tell about the benefit of adding image between post and content.

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Friends many times we have seen that people judge the article after seeing that image which you have used in article. So if you are using any image in article make sure that should be very relevant of article. This is also providing a good base to article. By this way your visitor will understand your article in a very good way. We will understand this thing by an example.

Suppose you have written an article on food. But you have posted image of a Cat then some people will come by searching food key word. But when they will see picture of Cat they will go back. If someone take interest in article might be they start reading but they will come to know that you have used another image it means you are not serious about the Blogging.

So image is a content which play a massive role. This cannot be ignoring if you are going to ignore that you are going to kill SEO and Blogging. Always use some good picture in article. This is also brought some more visitors on your website.

This also happen that many time people not read any article but only watching the image of article they guess about the entire post or article. So you must add image in all articles. It is a prove that if you are adding images then you are a good blogger.

By adding any image in blogger you must take care of two things.
(1) Do Not Add Too Many Images
I have seen that sometime people add too many images in article where important written content hide due to too many image. So use image in post as per there requirement only.

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(2) Do Not Put Irrelevant Images
This is also observe that people do not focus on the right image if you are writing an article on mobile then must put image which is related to mobile. Do not put image which is related to other than mobile.

So you need to take care of these 2 things by using any image in your blogging. Also image can increase your website worth. So start using images in blogging. Also put your comment in below box.

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